DIY Teacher Gift: Chalkboard Sign

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DIY Teacher Gift: Chalkboard Sign

The school year’s about to start! Start it off right with a gift for your child’s teacher. This simple DIY chalkboard sign is the perfect addition to any teacher’s décor.





Chalkboard Project Step 1

1. Open your design file in Silhouette Studio. (If you prefer a different design than the apple in #44442, go for it! Find the perfect design that fits your tastes).

2. Adjust your design, keeping at least a one-inch perimeter on all four sides.

Chalkboard Project Step 3

3. Trim vinyl or stencil material to 12”x12”, place on your cutting mat, and cut the design with your Silhouette Cameo.

4. Using your weeding tool, remove the pieces that will be painted (the leaf, stem, and apple).

Chalkboard Project Step 5

5. Remove the backing off the Silhouette Transfer Tape and apply it, sticky side down, to the apple stencil.

6. Remove the paper backing from the vinyl and apply on the chalkboard. After making sure there are no bubbles or creases, remove the transfer tape.

Chalkboard Project Step 7

7. Choose your paint colors and lightly dab onto the chalkboard. 

Tip: Work from the center outwards to avoid paint bleeding.

Chalkboard Project Step 8

8. Remove the stencil before the paint dries.

Chalkboard Project Step 9

9. Finally, add your frame!


(This blog post was originally posted on the Silhouette America blog.)


What’s your favorite DIY teacher gift you’ve made for a teacher? Tell us in the comments below!




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