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Silhouette Summit 2018: New Products
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Silhouette Summit 2018: New Products

Coming Soon from Silhouette

Did you miss the Silhouette Summit 2018? Thanks to our friends at Smart-Silhouette, here's what you missed about all the new Silhouette products coming your way in 2018. 

Every May, Silhouette America holds a Silhouette Summit in Hawaii to announce new products and software features coming soon throughout the next year. And, get excited because there are tons of new products to come!

Here’s a preview of the upcoming products and software goodies that were announced at Silhouette Summit 2018.

CAMEO 3 Color Series

We’ve kept everything you love about the CAMEO 3 but have made it available in several new colors. The best part is these colors are infused with shimmery glitter to give your machine a little extra oomph. Get one in Aqua, Blush*, Electric Pink, or Slate.

Machine Accessories

We’re now offering the toolkit in pink*. Isn’t it so much fun? We’re also adding an additional pink tote* for the CAMEO machine as well as a pink dust cover* for the Portrait machine.

Silhouette ALTA - Price: $299

This has got to be THE most exciting product coming! It’s a 3D printing machine!!! How cool is that? 3D printers, if you haven’t heard of them, take a digital design and turn it into a 3D object. You create the design and then the software breaks it into “slices” (thin horizontal layers).  When you send the file to the machine, it uses a plastic filament that it heats to a melting point and lays down slice by slice. Once the machine is done, you just wait for the filament to cool so that it hardens again, and you have your 3D object.

The Alta uses a new software that’s called Silhouette 3D (included with purchase). You’ll be able to “print” objects 120mm (4.72”) tall and 116mm (4.56”) wide. It works with any 1.75mm filament, but Silhouette will sell their own in 7 colors. Watch the video below to learn more!

Kraft Blade

This new blade was created to cut delicate materials more precisely. Used with the new Strong Hold mat (see below), you can even cut fabric or felt without a stabilizer or starch. That’s a game changer!

Strong Hold Mat

New regular hold and light hold mats are coming. No details yet.

There’s also a new Strong Hold Mat. It has an extra-tacky adhesive to hold material firmly in place. This will be very helpful for cutting fabric.


This is another new fun one! Some inventive folks have already been doing silk screening and we’ve even had a class on it at the All Things Silhouette Conferences. So, Silhouette America took notice and created a kit.

Use the Silkscreen Starter Kit along with the Fabric Inks to create designs on fabric. This is extremely helpful when you are making multiple projects with a single design, such as 15 t-shirts for the soccer team. The starter kit includes a frame, silk screen sheets, heat transfer sheets, black fabric ink, and a squeegee to spread the ink around. The silkscreen sheets will also be sold separately.

Doming Kits

Have you ever seen those stickers in the store that have a plastic “dome” on top? Now you can create your own. The Doming Starter Kit includes a syringe and an epoxy solution to apply the dome on top of your sticker paper. Once it dries you have a fun puffy sticker.

Metallic Vinyl

Silhouette already sells metallic vinyl, but they’re adding 2 new colors: Brushed Black and Brushed Silver. Sounds so cool!

Glitter Vinyl

There are nine colors of new glitter vinyl headed your way — gold, silver, white, black, red, blue, green, lavender and pink.

Textured Translucent Vinyl

This sounds super interesting. This new vinyl is colored but still transparent and has a texture on it. That will add a whole new dimension to vinyl projects. The colors are black, white, light blue, green, lavender, and pink.

Strong Tack Transfer Tape

One of the KEYS to using vinyl successfully is to always use the correct transfer media for the type of vinyl you have. This is something many folks overlook that causes confusion and frustration.

Vinyls with a texture – so the new glitter and textured translucent products – need a stronger transfer media to pick them up. The textured surface means that the whole surface of the vinyl doesn’t necessarily come into contact with the transfer media. Using a transfer tape with a stronger adhesive is the answer. That’s what the new Strong Tack Transfer Tape is all about.

Oracal 631 and Oratape

Oracal is, in my opinion, the industry standard for quality adhesive vinyl. It’s always reliable, comes in a multitude of colors and sizes, and stays where you put it. Oracal’s 631 is the standard craft vinyl for walls. It’s comparable to the Silhouette America matte vinyl. 651 is their designation for a more durable, permanent vinyl – one you can use outdoors. This has a stronger adhesive and is like the SA glossy vinyl. 

Silhouette America has partnered with Orafol, the makers of Oracal, to offer 12 colors of Oracal 651. As I said above, the correct combination of vinyl and transfer media is important. SA will also be selling Oratape, the correct transfer tape for 651.

Sampler Packs

If you’re just starting out with vinyl or like variety, a sampler pack is a great idea. SA is bringing out 3 new sampler packs:

  • Oracal Basics – yellow, red, lilac, azure blue, ice blue, and lime-tree green.
  • Oracal Essentials — white, black, gold, silver, soft pink, and mint.
  • Pinks – Silhouette brand vinyl with a variety of pink shades. This is another product in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Tools and Accessories

There’s a new toolkit with all pink tools. Yep, this is one of the pink things offered in partnership with the NBCF. It has the same tools as the current set – hook, scraper, spatula, pick-me-up tool, 6” ruler and microfiber cloth.

If you haven’t had enough pink yet (is that even possible?), there are still 2 more new accessories in that luscious shade – a tote for the Cameo and a dust cover for the Portrait.

Wow! So much cool stuff! We can’t wait to try it ALL. Not only are the things to above to come, but stay tuned there’s more!

Want to start shopping for Silhouette products, now? Click here to explore our shop or to start adding new products to your Craftercuts shopping cart! For more tips and Silhouette project ideas subscribe to our blog for weekly Craftercuts news, tips and updates.


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