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Silhouette Partners with Canon to Boost Classroom Learning
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Silhouette Partners with Canon to Boost Classroom Learning



Silhouette America has been working on some exciting things lately! One of their most recent endeavors includes the announcement of an exciting new partnership with Canon, known internationally as the industry-leader in printing technology.

According to Silhouette America's blog, the purpose of this partnership to improve classroom learning for students as announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a sneak peek, watch the video below!

Canon announced by partnering with Silhouette America they aim to help schools Create, Secure, Collaborate and Sustain by implementing technology solutions and adopting workflow management systems that can foster responsible printing and help streamline education business processes while providing tools that promote creativity.

According to Canon's official press release announcing the partnership, providing students with an engaging learning environment that encourages creativity is an important component to a student’s success. By building relationships with education leaders and supporting the mission that sets standards for K-12 schools, Canon aims to help educators re-engineer their schools and classrooms for work in the digital age of learning.


Furthermore, Canon invites all educators to an exhibit to learn how a PIXMA G3200 MegaTank All-in-One printer (pictured above), in collaboration with a Silhouette America digital fabricator and software, can create 3D educational models utilizing 2D prints. The Canon USA-Silhouette America collaboration will include a library of 250 Canon Creative Park crafts that are processed to work with the Silhouette America fabricator after being printed on the Canon printer so that students can immediately immerse themselves into the assembly of fun learning crafts. This solution will provide a fast method for producing 3D crafts when compared to traditional 3D printers, has applicability to STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math) curriculum and has been validated by educators as an effective pedagogical tool for teaching design, assembly and spatial rendering.

Stay tuned for upcoming news related to the Canon Silhouette America partnership as wells as Crafter Cuts products, bundles and Silhouette project ideas for students, teachers and classroom learning!

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