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CrafterCuts is proud to work along side with Smart Silhouette. So much so that we now include $25 in credit to the smart-silhouette.com membership site. there you can learn anything from the basic skills or ways to utilize your Silhouette with new skills. You don't have to purchase a bundle with us to experience the site, join anytime, pay monthly or yearly for projects, tutorials, and expert advice!” to this “CrafterCuts is proud to work alongside Smart Silhouette, so much so that we now include $25 in credit to the smart-silhouette.com membership site. There you can learn anything from the basics to ways to utilize your Silhouette with new skills. You don't have to purchase a bundle with us to experience the site. You can join anytime by paying monthly or yearly for projects, tutorials, and expert advice!

From Smart Silhouette

“Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” How true! When we make
the effort to get educated about something, it’s always a wise use of time.
To get the most from your Silhouette cutting machine, you want to know how to use it properly from
the very beginning. The best way to do that is to learn from an experienced Silhouette user who’s also
an educator. I’ve been using Silhouette machines since 2008, worked in Customer Support for Silhouette
America (the company who makes these wonderful machines) and have over 25 years of teaching
experience in public, private and home school settings. I even teach at the All Things Silhouette
conferences and on the Craftsy website. You will save time, frustration and money in the long run by
learning from a pro.
The beginner lessons on the Smart Silhouette website are a well-thought out, sequential set of tutorials
to walk you through learning all about your Silhouette machine and the software you use with it. There
are also projects that are truly at beginner level and teach you new concepts with each one. Once
you’ve got the basics, there are intermediate and advanced tutorials and projects. It’s a great way to
increase your Silhouette smarts!

Whats in the Membership?

Free Content

Projects, Silhouette Update,
Helpful information

Basic Membership

  • Step by step beginner tutorials
  • Beginner videos
  • Free basic cut files added monthly

Deluxe Membership

All posts & benefits from the
Basic Membership area
Intermediate & advanced tutorials
Intermediate & advanced videos
Free advanced cut files added monthly


Tutorials, Lessons, and Projects found on Smart-Silhouette.com


#1 What to know before you buy

#2 Downloading and installing the software

#3 Your Account

#4 The Silhouette Design Store

#5 Subscriptions

#6 The Silhouette America website

#7 Good materials to start with

#8 Opening the box and getting to know the machine

#9 Firmware updates


Lesson 1: Opening the software and setting preferences

Lesson 2: The icons

Lesson 3: Starting a new project and selecting page settings

Lesson 4: Grid Settings

Lesson 5: The mouse and cursors

Lesson 6: Drop down menus

Lesson 7: Right click menus

Lesson 8: Keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 9: Navigation bits and pieces

Lesson 10: The Library

Lesson 11: Getting your free shapes

Lesson 12: Adding shapes to the page and basic manipulation

Lesson 13: Basics of working with text

Lesson 14: Making your first cut

Lesson 15: Saving and shutting down


  1. Fill ‘er Up: the hows and whys of color, gradient and pattern fills
  2. Help! My machine is cutting in the wrong place!
  3. How and why to update your Silhouette Studio software
  4. Silhouette Studio software levels, types and versions explained


  1. All about the PixScan mat
  2. Announcing my new Craftsy class
  3. Best ever hack for paper projects with multiple colors (creating a sketched template)
  4. Breaking a solid shape into pieces with the magic of Divide
  5. Designing your own wreath
  6. Floating panels in version 4
  7. Help! My machine is cutting in the wrong place!
  8. Object on Path in version 4
  9. Pancakes and donuts: understanding the difference between a grouping and a compound path
  10. Why I never weld cursive text (and why you shouldn’t either)
  11. Yes, you CAN put a shape on a path in Silhouette Studio (version 3)

Tip #1: Know what materials you can cut without the mat

Tip #2: Select None on cutting mat

Tip #3: Know your margins by selecting Show Cut Border

Tip #4: Your material must be the right width

Tip #5: Check the loading orientation arrow

Tip #6: Move the right white roller in

Tip #7: Check the leading edge

Tip #8: Use the correct guideline

Tip #9: Use the correct loading method

Tip #10: Check to see if the material loaded straight (with video of riding on cardstock method)

Tip #11: Use the arrow keys to roll the material through the machine

Tip #12: How to work with curled material

Tip #13: What to do if things start going wrong

Tip #14: What to do after the cut


#1: Where to start

#2: Simple cut mode and cut style

#3: Material, action and tool choice in Action by: Simple

#4: Creating a custom setting

#5: Action by: Line, fill or layer (advanced cut mode)

#6: Cut order

#7: Using pauses

#8: How text and object on path affect cut style



When and how to change your cutting strip


  1. Test cut the smart way


#1: Butterfly card (cardstock)

#2: Butterfly gift bag decoration (cardstock)

#3: Initial gift tag (cardstock)

#4: Christmas tree gift tag (cardstock)

#5: Birthday cake card (cardstock)

#6: Snowman flat ornament (adhesive vinyl)

#7: Teapot vinyl decal (adhesive vinyl)

#8: Snowflake decal with vinyl layering (adhesive vinyl)

#9: Baby stroller vinyl layering decal (adhesive vinyl)


  1. Beach spikers with Sparkleberry Ink vinyl
  2. Faux inlaid wood tag
  3. Lightbox inserts
  4. Using sketch designs for watercolor masterpieces
  5. Using vinyl as a watercolor stencil
  6. Wedding invitation envelopes with sketch pens

Learn More at Smart-Silhouette.com and Happy Crafting!

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